Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Limits Of Traditional Marketing

The rise of social media has marketers scrambling over which platform to prioritize. Should they focus on traditional marketing or should they spend more resources on digital marketing? And would it still be a good idea to support both?

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On the one hand, traditional marketing is your basic advertising platform. These are the print ads in newspapers and magazines, posters and billboards, TV and radio commercials, as well as direct mail. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is every advertising space on the internet, as well as social media.

There are key factors on why traditional marketing is losing favor over digital marketing. The most important aspects of this trend include price and the ability to quantify data.

Major platforms of traditional marketing are known to be costly. For example, a brand can spend thousands of dollars producing a 30-second commercial and spend even more on prime commercial spots. Other mediums such as newspapers are also on the decline as more readers shift their source of news from paper to digital versions of the same periodicals.

Traditional marketing also has a hard time quantifying data. It’s not always as simple as a guaranteed 20 million households watching Super Bowl commercials. It is quite hard to measure the success of commercials and how they influence would-be buyers or possible customers.

Given these two major constraints, a brand can utilize digital marketing and use a fraction of the cost buying commercial slots and simply target audiences that have a higher rate of engagement. Digital marketing can also track engagements far better than traditional marketing and can be done in real-time as well.

Traditional marketing will always have a solid base. Marketers should revisit whether traditional marketing will be the right call for their brands. If so, they may choose to complement traditional marketing strategies with digital marketing to get the most for their product.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Every Penny Counts: Saving Money On a Vacation

A vacation, though fun, can take a lot out of a person’s bank account. It’s a good thing that frequent travelers have come up with sure-fire ways to save money while on a trip. These tricks are quite easy to follow and should help vacationers spend a lot less than they would have.

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Veteran travelers believe that saving on a vacation starts even before the plane leaves the airport. The first tip is a good one: exchange dollars for foreign currency in American banks to save more money and never in airports. Tourists should know that money changers at airports have the worst rates anywhere in the world.

Veteran travelers also cite food establishments near tourist spots as having the worst prices. To make matters worse, these “tourist traps” have, at best, mediocre food. The trick is to buy either from another establishment away from these historical monuments and have them as packed lunch, or simply prepare your own.

Finally, and probably the biggest expense vacationers encounter is for lodgings. Veteran travelers highly suggest looking for smaller inns or apartments to rent, which are much cheaper, than hotels or resorts. That is unless of course the whole point of the vacation is to stay in the said hotel or resort.

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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Why many still consider 'Parachutes' as Coldplay’s best album

Coldplay has been around for quite a while; late into the second decade of the new millennium, they are still churning out new albums. Just last July 2017, they released their 13th EP called "Kaleidoscope." While it flew under the radar, it is proof of the band’s staying power. 

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Over the years, the band has given rock and pop fans alike a number of great albums, which include "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and "Viva la Vida." But while critics tend to gravitate toward these more-realized outputs, many fans still come back to their first, 2000’s "Parachutes." Millennials will be more familiar with more recent Coldplay staples like "The Scientist," "A Sky Full of Stars," and "Fix You." But earlier followers of the band, mostly those in their late 30s and early 40s, would remember how their debut studio offering signaled the passing of the Britpop crown from the likes of Oasis and Blur. 

"Parachutes" was immediately infectious and chart-topping, fueled by the now-ubiquitous "Yellow" and the ballad "Trouble." Yet within the album came less popular but heartwarming ditties like "Don’t Panic" and fan-favorite "Shiver." 

In an era where listeners weren’t yet spoiled by instant online access and music streaming, going through the entire album likewise yielded early Coldplay must-listens like "Spies" and "Sparks." And if one is patient, there is the unabashedly optimistic hidden track called "Life is for Living" after the last track "Everything’s Not Lost" (also a fan-favorite) fades out. All in all, "Parachutes" paved the way for Coldplay’s success. And the band is still reaping the rewards of that great landing. 

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

What it means to fight alongside the Fighting Irish

Almost all Notre Dame fans share the same story of how they became fans of the university: because their whole family supports the team. This is the main reason college football remains interesting across the United States. Families and friends gather to watch and cheer for their favorite teams, in arenas, and at home, even following superstitions to see through their team wins. 

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There were great seasons, fairly good seasons, and winless seasons, yet the love from fans has never waned. Fans could be born into it, yet find themselves staying with the team as they learn about its wonderful history and traditions. Even when homegrown fans don’t find themselves studying in Notre Dame, they still cheer for the team like they run across its halls, going from one class to another. It is the love that’s built around the team that has fans cherishing the Fighting Irish. For instance, look at the subway Alumni phenomena - in case you didn’t know the “subway Alumni” are the many New York Metro area Notre Dame fans, many of whom have never even stepped foot on campus. The subway Alumni began with a generation that was glued to the radio on Saturdays when it was the only way to catch the game besides in person. These Alumni grew up Notre Dame households with the Irish visiting New York on occasion to take on Army teams at the Polo Grounds and Yankee Stadium. The Notre Dame story and legend was passed on from this generation to family members and friends and many of those that have followed up to today. 

A fan’s love for the Gold and Blue neither dies nor fades. It is rather to be shared with loved ones and friends. Sticking with the Irish through their lean years makes their wins so much more memorable for avid fans. Their belief and trust in the team have brought them through shameful losses to sweet victories, and they can pretty much say that they’ve seen it all. Never forget, Notre Dame is a sense of place, but that place is not limited to the confines of the campus - it is a torch that is carried wherever the name of Notre Dame is spoken and where as well as when people gather in her name. 

For Notre Dame fans, the golden days have once again begun. And for those who fought with through the shadow days, victories are sentimental and sweet. 

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As a lifelong follower of all things Notre Dame and now member of the Notre Dame Alumni Club of Naples, Brian Carr is a faithful supporter of the Fighting Irish, and is a fitness and health advocate taking interests in football, golf, and other sports. Read more about his interests in this blog.